Monday, May 06, 2013

Les Nez- Manoumalia

Apparently, the exotic island of my dreams is full of ylang-ylang. Manoumalia, a 2009 perfume from Les Nez ,  is tropical with a capital T. It has scantly clad hula dancers, lush jungles that almost touch the beach, an endless blue sky and you-- lounging in comfort and covered with fragrant leis. Obviously, Manoumalia is more than the sum of its fragrant parts (Notes: fragrea, vetiver, tiare, ylang ylang, amber, sandalwood). It manages to capture a mood and take you to that place.

Tuberose isn't mentioned anywhere, but I get that rubbery quality it sometimes offers. Both repulsive and addictive, the flower mingles with the cream and powder notes of various other big and heady florals, and also adds a carnal facet. The other blooms appear almost simultaneously--white and yellow and green. The air is electrified and humid; there may be a storm tonight that will drench the flower and green leaves and bring some cool relief.

Manoumalia comes alive on skin and reveals its curves. As far as I'm concerned  Perfumer Sandrine Videault who composed the fragrance for Les Nez has created my perfect tropical perfume-- full bodied, just sweet enough, with a creamy and irresistible dry-down that lasts for most of the day. It brought me joy and comfort over the winter but it's just as dreamy as the fragrance develops in the heat and envelops me in garlands and leis.

Manoumalia by Les Nez ($125, 50ml) is available from Luckyscent.

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  1. I agree - Monoumalia is the ylang-ylang bomb. And I also get the rubbery feeling you mentioned. This perfume was a pass for me, unfortunately. Better luck with something else ;)

  2. I'm happy to see Ylang-Ylang getting more love in modern perfumery. I feel like it has been equated with aromatherapy for so long that it garnered a bad rap (that, and if not done well, it can be cloying). I'm quite a ylang-ylang lover -- adding this Les Nez to my must-sample list!


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