Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color

I love highlighters. I love them in liquid, cream and powder form. I love them golden, pearly or with a champagne tint. I love them shiny or muted. I just love the way highlighters can give the skin an extra shot of pretty. Shiseido High Beam White is probably considered a classic by now. It's the most subtle of its kind, as understated than Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight,  but a bit easier to catch in a photo because Shiseido is pearly white. I swatched heavily using the scratchy little brush that came in the compact. Normal application (a small  Yachiyo or Laura Mercier fan brush are far more suitable, as is Chikuhodo Z2) will not look as white and will add just a little bit of light where you need it.

Donating my face to science I once tried using Shiseido High Beam White as an allover finishing powder. Don't try this at home. As finely milled as Shiseido makes this product it is not a substitute for Guerlain Meteorites. The effect was like using Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Unicorns or whatever they call their liquid highlighters (which I love. They're beyond beautiful) on your entire face over foundation. Not a good look for an adult woman.

In any case, Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color is an excellent highlighter. If you're very warm-toned maybe it will be too white (Shiseido also makes a pale gold version that's too yellow for my green undertones), so do test at the counter before you decide.

Bottom Line: there's a reason why Shiseido makeup is so revered.

Shiseido High Beam White Luminizing Satin Face Color ($30) is available at the counters, Sephora and shiseido.com. It's part of the blush range.


  1. This is my holy geAil highlighter! So glad to see it featured on your blog

  2. Do try it with Shu 13G. They work well together.

    It's subtle enough for me, being a little lighter than you, to use under my eyes as a brightening setting powder, if not to the point it works for me all over.

  3. I'm so excited that you posted this! I *just* ordered it and it's supposed to be here today. I can't wait to try it out.


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