Thursday, May 16, 2013

Those Were The Days- Fashion, Models, Makeup Part II

This is the second part of our little trip back in time to the land of pink frosty lipsticks and other pleasures thanks to the amazing collection on Top Models Of The World.

Perhaps one of the best 1980s fashion looks:

And the worst:


Linda was the face of Yardley in the mid-90s. Is anyone familiar with Baroque perfume?

I loved Princess Stephanie:

Ads for musk perfumes were always hilarious:

I can't even:

Anjelica Huston:

Oh, Gia:

And finally, this one is for Lawrence in Ohio:


  1. Bwahaha, I laughed out loud at that last one!

  2. Thank you, Gaia!!!

    His pussy looks a little like my first cat, the late, wonderful LJ!

    Thank you for thinking of me.

    Lawrence in Ohio

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  4. Stephanie should have played Orlando! ~~nozknoz

  5. Ahhh, the last one is priceless. I'm so glad you are showing these off, cause there is truly nothing new under the sun!

  6. And I was thinking about Gia just yesterday!

  7. These are just so much fun. It goes from great to awful in a second. :)
    But, I must say, they should have done sth with princess Stephanie - she pretty much looks like a guy.

  8. Good morning! Where did you find this Greek teen magazine? It went me back centuries .A good lesson not to follow faithfully the fashion trends, LOL i had a dress like this black and white on the third pic but with less shoulder pads,i feel so embarrassed. Big hugs from Greece! Amalia

  9. Oh my God, the Katerina magazine! I grew up on this!
    Thanks for bringing back memories...


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