Thursday, May 09, 2013

Faberge- Woodhue (Vintage Perfume)

 I remember Fabergé in the 1970s as a drugstorish brand, and honestly, I'm more familiar with their shower and bath products to which I'm horribly allergic. But looking at some of the old bottles and packaging from the 60s I now realize how pretty they are, and like many products of yore, have an elegance missing today even from more expensive items.

Woodhue by Faberge originally came out in 1944 and was released in both a masculine and a feminine version. The bottle I found in full packaging is the feminine Cologne Extraordinaire from the 60s or very early 70s. I knew very little about it when I got the bottle except that it's supposed to be rather unisex and obviously wood-themed. I was thrilled to discover that Woodhue is a woody chypre with a spicy undercurrent. The wood, a somewhat thin cedar-sandalwood blend, smells appropriately aged and smooth, laced with something that smells to me like cinnamon and clove. The juice in my bottle has little to no top notes-- citrus, jasmine (and some say orange blossom as well). It's all about the base, which isn't a bad deal, since we're talking a really nice sandalwood here, a pungent musk and a mossy vetiver that has a vintage feel to it.

Fabergé perfumes disappeared years ago. Another company bought the rights to the names and perhaps also the formula, but I have no idea what they smell like. Personally, I'm more curious about the Parfum Extraordinaire concentration of Fabergé fragrances; I don't think I ever came across the bottles you see in the ad above. You can also read Barbara's impression on Yesterday's Perfume. Don't skip the comment section there for even more information.


  1. Oh thank you so much for including the packaging insert. Great to learn about the different formulations and very much fun to read that the bath powder will "give your girdle glide".

    -- Lindaloo

  2. One of my earliest memories of playing dress-up includes dabbing myself from the set of 4 Faberge perfumes my mother had. The only 2 I remember distinctly were the Woodhue and Tigress. Tigress was my favorite because it had a furry, tiger-striped round top while Woodhue's top was made from real wood.

  3. I loved Woodhue and got so many compliments on it, especially from the men. I tried a long time ago to get more and found out stores were not carrying it anymore, to my dismay. Now you have to look for favorites online and hope they are the same as you use to buy in the store. It's a fabulous scent and I do recommend it.

  4. A family friend gifted me with a little bottle of Woodhue for Christmas, when I was a teenager -- and I loved the way that it took on my clothing when I dabbled it on - especially my woolen sweaters. I'd love to be able to buy it again, someplace.


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