Sunday, May 05, 2013

M.Micallef- Rose Extreme

Rose Extreme is the newest offering from M. Micallef. While I can't quite say that it will join my list of rose perfumes for anti-rose people, I find it utterly delightful. What you get from Martine Micallef's rose is an endless optimism. It looks in the mirror and instantly knows and recognizes its own charm and beauty; If you want an emo rose this is not the one. Go with Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin instead.

Rose Exterme is soft and velvety. The "extreme" part is not in its emotional state, but in the way it uses the notes to their full tactile potential. Rose petal strewn on the floor and bed, soft skin-like osmanthus,  fuzzy peach skin, and a sweet musky dry-down. It's sensual, but in a mostly innocent way. The roses feel pink rather than red and the outlook is sunshiny. The smoothness is luxurious and very well put together, so you can wear this Micallef fragrance the way you'd wrap a sheer silk organza scarf casually around your neck (can you tell that I'm still thinking about those Patricia Michaels scarves?). Not for warmth, but because they look and feel so wonderful.

I wish Rose Extreme had a more distinct dry-down. It morphs into a light and sweet skin scent with only a hint of rose, peach, and amber. It's more "nice" than truly exciting, unless you're a rose freak, of course. In that case I'd highly recommend giving Rose Extreme a try because it's so elegant and pretty you may find true love in the gorgeous bejeweled bottle.

Notes: Centifolia rose (Rose de Mai), osmanthus, peach, Bulgarian rose, iris, clove, pink carnation, sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla.

Rose Extreme by M.Micallef ($485, 50ml EDP) is a bit hard to find at the moment. Samples are available from ($5, 0.7ml) and according to my friend CharlestonGirl from Best Things In Beauty Luckyscent can order it for you.  Osswald doesn't have it in stock, either, but I wouldn't be surprised if they also offer a similar arrangement. The press sample for this review was supplied by the company.

Image: Viviane Sassen, In Bloom (For 'Dazed & Confused'), 2011


  1. This sounds utterly lovely-I like my roses with thorns, al la L' Arte di Gucci, Paloma Picasso, Voleur de Rose, but I'm sure the spicy carnation saves it for me. I'd be interested in seeing what this does on my skin.

  2. I have not experimented with rose fragrances very much so I am taking notes and creating a 'must try' list, thanks so much. Love the photo!

  3. Hi Gaia, beautiful interpreted, your words do capture the full essence and approach of Micallef Rose Extreme. So many perfumes today either "come-at-you" in a forward way, or they're "search-for-me" in a subdued way. For me Rose Extreme is a scent you simply fall into and gently caresses all around with a smoothness which can only be captured with the natural rose ingredients. A note on availability - Find Rose Extreme at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle - give Nasreen a call, also Parfum1 as you mention, and now at Lucky Scent. This weekend for the LA Scentsation event I'll have 15ml gifts of Micallef Rose Extreme as part of the event. Again, beautiful words.

  4. I am really looking forward to trying this at the LA Scentsation this weekend - big rose fan here! I love Micallef Rose Aoud.


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