Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Chanel Stylo Eye Shadow: Black Stream, Jade Shore

As promised, here are two more shades of Chanel Stylo Eye Shadow: Black Stream and Jade Shore (I passed on Cool Gold).  You can see the other colors I picked here, where I also talked at length about the wonderful texture.

Black Stream is an opaque black with very fine multi-colored shimmer. It's brilliant as a base or for a quick smoky eye (evening only for me. The pigmentation is quite intense). Jade Shore is more blue than green and rather silvery. It's very similar to Chanel Illusion d'Ombre cream eye shadow in Riviere, the limited edition color from last year, so if you're still kicking yourself for missing that one here's your chance to have the same color in a texture that's easier to use.

Jade Shore and Black Stream are very interesting together, by the way. The contrast is striking and the pliable texture allows to create a graphic and bold look.

Bottom Line: I'm having second thoughts about Cool Gold.

Chanel Stylo Eye Shadow in Black Stream and Jade Shore ($34 each) are limited edition items. They're available at the counters and from chanel.com.


  1. Cool Gold is actually my favorite! Great pigmentation and easy to wear anywhere on the eye and pairs well with any look. I will be sure to let my viewers know about the Riviere/Jade Shore similarity when I film my tutorial tonight!

    1. Hi Raeview, I thought that I read on your blog that moon river was your favorite?

  2. I was so reliefed that I was not the only one who did not want to get cool gold now I am not so sure either? Help?

  3. You should totally get Cool Gold! It looks really good as a partner to Jade Shore/Blue Bay/Pink Lagoon in my opinion.


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