Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kevyn Aucoin Patina Single Eye Shadow

Patina, a shimmery single eye shadow from Kevyn Aucoin, stands out even among other top-of-the-line olive-ish  eye shadows. It's a golden-brown olive with a subtle metallic finish that changes slightly with the light. I tried to capture these nuances and show how Patina moves from a brassy brown to a gold tinged olive. It's a color that works for an understated daytime look (try pairing with LMdB Jojo) . It's not too green, so no one should be scared of this Kevyn Aucoin color, and while on me this is a neutral shade that can be worn very casually, if you're pale and blue-eyed, Patina will be stunning and striking against your features.

If you're familiar with Kevyn Aucoin's eye shadows you already know the texture is soft and easy to apply and blend. The shimmer/metallic finish is subtle with no glittery particles and no fall-out. Over a primer, the eye shadow lasts from day to night and I appreciate how it retains its finish.

Bottom Line: Pretty.

Kevyn Aucoin Patina Single Eye Shadow ($28) is available from Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and


  1. Hi Gaia! Thanks for posting this! I suppose you know that this shadow is on sale at Haute Look? do you recommend any other KA shadows?

  2. Yes, Ava. I saw it this morning, which is why I dug out the photos and posted this- I thought it might help some people. I have a KA palette and another single one, Midnight, which is a matte texture, very pretty but not as easy to blend as the shimmery ones. Basically, this is a great line and I suspect that as long as you like the color it's a very good buy at this price.

  3. Got it! You're a wonderful, thoughtful blogger - Thanks again!


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