Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Periwinkle Cardinal Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Periwinkle Cardinal, a cool silvery sage green, is our eye opener of the day. It's bright but not obnoxious, and a little pat of this color in the middle of the lead to the inner corner does wonders to brighten up and make this grumpy non-morning person feel a little more awake and a little less cranky.

Periwinkle Cardinal changes a little with light and gets a blueish cast on my skin. It's quite shimmery and my preference is to blend it with taupe or sand colors to make the look more my own (and age appropriate). Like all Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows, Periwinkle Cardinal has the beautiful and smooth texture that loves the skin, makes working with it easy and keeps up appearances all day long.

Bottom Line: can I have some more?

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadow in  Periwinkle Cardinal and other colors from their When Birds Are Singing range (approx. $34 in the current exchange rate) is exclusive to Zuneta ( Thankfully they ship worldwide.

All photos are mine.


  1. Ohhh. Lovely. All I've seen of RBR so far has been brown-based neutrals, so it's nice to see they do exquisite colors as well. Most olives are too warm/murky for me, but that kind of chilly sage might do nicely.

  2. Really pretty--- the blue is subtle enough for wear!

  3. That's lovely. I think my next RBR order should include some more fun shades!

  4. This looks wonderful-I've never tried Bunny Rouge shadows, it looks like this will push me to finally submit Zunetta/Edward Bess order, which I've been putting off.
    The other color I'm lemming over from BR is Bejeweled SKylark.

  5. I never seen this RBR shade reviewed before! I got mysterious tinamou with my last order (turquoise) but alas i'm not getting too much wear out of it.

  6. This reminds me of that lovely Paula Dorf eyeshadow I fell in love with yesterday!

  7. This is the first review I've seen of this color. I have purchased most of the RBR neutral-colored eyeshadows (and I love some more than others), but Periwinkle Cardinal looks really pretty and unique. Odd name, I might add, as it makes me think of a blued purple and red, not silvery sage.

  8. Theoretically speaking, you could have some more in a very low price point too, but the makeup collection by Chantal Thomass for Nivea was discontinued (or were limited editions, to begin with, I forget which now). It was 27 Blue Desire and it was a light petrol blue-green-sage with very neutrally balanced soft shimmer. *sigh*

    This chilly sage that Dain speaks about is hard to find. Love it myself as well. Noting down the shade for a replacement when I run out.

  9. Oooh, I was just looking through your Rouge Bunny Rouge posts and found this. I never would have considered this color, but it's stunning! Thank you for posting this. I may have to add this (along with Abyssinian Catbird and Bohemian Waxing) to my wish list.


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