Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surratt- Patine 21 Artistique Eye Shadow

Patine (#21) was my first eye shadow purchase from Surratt. I chose the color semi-randomly, and because the dirty charcoaled silver seemed unique enough. And it is-- there may be many similar colors in this family, but not identical, and I really like the complexity Patine gains on skin.

Like all Surratt products, the Artistique eye shadows are made in Japan, which immediately makes one wonder and compare to other Japanese brands. I don't have a close equivalent, though. Maybe if I get other Surratt eye shadows I'll have more info to work with. In any case, this eye shadow has a nice color payoff (the swatches you see were done as a one swipe using Paula Dorf Contour brush). It can also be used damp, but with this color I don't see a reason to do that, and I didn't want to mess up the texture-- it's so soft and nice.

The shimmer in Patine is quite visible and the particles are noticeable.  They're not evenly spread, which I think you can see in the swatches, and I'm not sure why it was deemed needed. There's barely any fallout, so the actual quality is good, but I have to say that I'm not too crazy about seeing micro-glitter dots on my eyelids. This is the one reason that will make me hesitate before ordering more Surratt eye shadows: I'm in love with the blush and lip color texture, and there are several other items I'm curious about. So as lovely as this eye shadow looks and performs (all day over a good primer), it's not quite as brilliant as the other Surratt products.

The packaging is as flimsy as the one of the blush, and I wouldn't recommend shoving the eye shadow as it is into a cramped makeup bag. The cover will dislodge and the product will break and get onto everything (I nicked the corner the first time I opened this eye shadow). There's a reason Surratt chose this format, though: the eye shadows and blushes are meant to be placed in large or small compacts ($17-$22). Obviously, you can also stick them in Z palettes and the like,  but do note that the pans are plastic and not magnetic. You'll need to glue a tiny magnet on the bottom for them to stick.

Bottom Line: I wish the finish was matte.

Surratt- Patine 21 Artistique Eye Shadow ($20) is exclusive to Barneys.


  1. I have two of the shadows, Chamois is a satiny matte and excellent, and Cuive has microglitter - but I actually really like it, it's very refined for a glitter. Loving your Surratt reviews!

    1. Emi, I'll add Chamois to my next order!

  2. Hi Gaia. I just received Ombre, Cuive (perfect for blue eyes), Marron, Truffe (my favorite) and Dore Rose. Also, based on your recommendation I got La Vie En Rose. I'm 100% happy with all of them. I'd compare the texture and quality somewhere around the old shu and Addiction. I worked w/Joey over the phone and she never once tried to talk me in to anything. She was very helpful.

  3. your comment that you wished it was matte gave me a vision. i recently got the rouge bunny rouge matte eyeshadows in grey go away lourie and blackpepper jay. looking at this swatch above, is it possible that combining those two rbr shadows might be a fairly close dupe???

  4. I love the dark watercolor elegance of this, though random sparkles that don't contribute to complexity aren't my thing, either.

    I also thought of Blackpepper Jay.


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