Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Swatches

There's a new color of Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen-- Iridescent Iris, which I'll review as soon as I get to play with it, but here are the  promised swatches of the entire Silky Eye Pen range, including the discontinued True Teal. I've already reviewed two of these colors in detail: Emerald Glow and Cafe Gold, and also mentioned Black Noir in my favorite black pencils post. Pixi Beauty certainly did a wonderful job creating these pencils, which see a lot of use here (and please don't make me choose between them and Urban Decay because I can't).

I couldn't find Sage Gold when I took the first pictures (for some reason the pencil was hiding in my concealer drawer), so you'll notice it appears in some of them and not in others. The names are pretty self explanatory, so I have little to add there. One comment , though, about Oyster Glow, the metallic champagne color: I bought it thinking it would be great for the lower lash line or even for brightening the waterline. It's not. The color is certainly bright. Too bright for me, actually. The metallic finish makes it look weird on my waterline and the color itself creates too much of a contrast around the lower lashes. If you have a paler and/or cooler skin tone Oyster Glow may work for you, but I can only use it as an accent color on the upper lid and not as an eyeliner. The texture of Oyster Glow is somehow denser than the other Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen and it lasts even longer (of course it does. I had a terrible time trying to get it off my waterline before leaving the house). Go figure.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen ($15 each, but you can use discount code Pixishare for a 20% off on their website, can be found at Target and on the company's website. Some of the pencils were sent by PR, others purchased by me.


  1. I have and love two shades, and thanks to the coupon code you shared, I just ordered a few more!

  2. True Teal looks wonderful, and of course it's discontinued! Boo! I have yet to find them at my local Target, perhaps I'll have to order online. The Sage Gold also looks wonderful.....

  3. It looks like they've lowered the prices - all of the colors except the new one are $12! Wahoo!

  4. Love your blog! Just tried these and do love the smooth glide on ease and lovely rich colors BUT they made my eyes itch. How sad because I just ordered several but will use them as shadows and hopefully if
    I stay away from waterline it's ok. Back to the trusty Chanel for that!

  5. Hi Gaia! Could you please review the new one called Bronze Beam? It looks almost identical to Copper Glow so i'm curious about its differences. Thanks!


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