Thursday, April 19, 2012

Want: Dior 3-Book Set

This is one of few instances where an e-book just won't do. The three volume retrospective of Christian Dior's art: Fashion, Fine Jewellery, and Perfume is full of fashion illustrations and photos, both the iconic ones and some  that are less known. My Dior-loving heart is all aflutter over this. Since each volume was written by a different author who's supposed to be an expert on the topic, I hope it's well-researched and informative. Though who am I kidding? I'll be staring at the photos and drooling.

The set ($75) is coming out soon and already available for pre-order through the publisher's website (

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  1. Oh, this look beautifully done - must have this! Thanks for announcing it, Gaia! ~~nozknoz

  2. What a beautiful little set! Thanks for posting :)


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