Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charlotte Rampling Named New Face of NARS

Few industries have more age bias than the beauty business. We're often left feeling that decision-makers truly believe that it's young adults who do the major spending at the counters, and the general aspiration is to look 21 forever and ever and ever. But here and there we hear inspiring news like today:  NARS announced today via WWD that as part of the brand's 20th anniversary celebrations (coming in September), François Nars has shot  a “black-and-white portrait-style image” of 68 year old Charlotte Rampling.

Ms. Rampling has been a long-time muse and inspiration for Mr. Nars, so it makes sense. She is a timeless and iconic beauty and has a wide appeal to several generations, just like models Veruschka  and Carmen Dell'Orefice who still make runway appearances, reminding us all that life and beauty don't end at 25, 30, 40, or 60.

Photos via several Charlotte Rampling fan sites.


  1. Very impressed with Nars and what a fantastic choice he's made. I remember first seeing her in a magazine in the late 70s where she was doing yoga poses outside by a pool that looked like it was in the south of France. Fell in love with her then and actually was inspired to take up yoga (which my father had been trying to, unsuccessfully, get me to do since I was a toddler). Have not been consistent with the yoga over the years, but in looking at her, think I should have been. There aren't many people I'd describe as mesmerizing, but that's exactly how I think of her.

  2. I can't wait to see this. She truly is breathtaking, as much now as she has ever been. And bravo to Nars for using their anniversary to make a statement about beauty, age and timelessness.

  3. Such exciting news!!!! Can't wait to see more images of the collaboration. I love the lipstick she's wearing in the second pic.

  4. an interesting face is an interesting face. no matter the age. and she clearly has one.

    if that is her actual neck skin (in the black dress), i want to know her secret! i am thinking it's photoshopped, but you never know.


  5. this is great!
    I love that someone represents this industry by what they are and not just how old they are. It shows me you can be a great and beautiful person all your life not just when your butt is firm. Also a make-up product which works at all age should be a sell argument, I mean if it just work when you have baby skin what the point?
    best regards

  6. Two words. OK, three...

    as well as her most unconventional eyes...

    A beauty for the ages...

  7. Fantastic! a real, sexy woman of a certain age, not marred by a scalpel or injectables, all of life is on her face. Bravo Mr. Nars, I will buy more of your makeup!

  8. To celebrate this I will purchase some NARS next time at Sephora. They will get my business.

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  10. Makes me feel much better after spending over $100 at the Nars counter on three out of four of the new matte multiples. "But they look SO good on my skin and the bright one looks SO much like Exhibit A!" is what I told the boyfriend when he spied the boxes in the bathroom bin. And now that I can tell him that sexy Rampling is the new face of Nars? He'll relent, for sure. Especially if it gives him license to buy some more Incense Extreme!

  11. I am glad to see this on many levels. Bravo to Nars for their choice.

  12. What an interesting choice. I love her--both her acting and her 'look'--but I actually find her most magnificent when she appears to be wearing little (if any) makeup. Still…I'd probably buy anything she flogged, so (for this n of 1, at least) NARS is smart to involve her.

  13. I"ve never purchased any Nars products, but that will change. And those pictures make me reconsider my bad attitude towards my "hooded" eyelids! Thank you this post.

  14. That's great news! I've always been so impressed with Ms. Rampling. Add to this that Jessica Lange is the new face of Marc Jacob's cosmetic line, and I think we have a definite trend.

  15. Man, she looks like Jimmy Page in the 1st photo.


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