Monday, February 17, 2014

Providence Perfume Company- Bath and Body Products

Normally I wouldn't review bath and body products in the nightly perfume slot, but the lotions, creams, and shower gels from Providence Perfume Company were formulated by perfumer Charna Ethier and are incredibly scented. The products are all natural (and between 90-97% organic) and come in five fragrances, all incredibly delectable.

The shower gels ($30) are very gentle and non-drying. Their scents fill the shower but doesn't linger, so they won't interfere with the scent of the day. The body lotions ($36) have a little more longevity, so it's better to take them into account when choosing a perfume if you plan to spray right away, but the scent of the lotion itself doesn't survive the day. The texture is light and fast absorbing. The lotions feel great on skin, smooth and soft,  but I have such a horribly dry skin this time of the year that my legs need a bit more moisturizing than provided here (normal human beings are most likely to find the lotions quite satisfactory). Which brings us to my favorite product from this Providence Perfume Co. line: the hand cream ($24).

Providence Perfume Company hand creams are made with shea, kokum, mango, and cocoa butters, and you feel it right away. I admit to have used mine on my knees and shins because the cream feels so good and nourishing. It still absorbs rather fast, so you can type and pet cats almost right away, but the buttery feel remains with you longer, as does the scent.

Speaking of which, here are the five fragrances of the bath and body products:

Stonefruit & Ylang- Technically this is a fruity-floral, but it smells like an expensive and rich perfume, peachy/apricoty with pulp and skin. I've used it under both Mitsouko and Chanel No.5 with great success.
Gin& Tonic- Exactly what it says. Light and refreshing with a summery feel. It's not my thing, but I see and smell the appeal.
 Chai Cocoa- My gourmand-loving heart is thrilled with this spicy and rich scent.
Sandalwood- Smells like the real thing. The perfect pairing for Tam Dao, Jungle L'Elephant, and alone as a bedtime scent.
Fern-  This is my absolute favorite. Green and dry at the same time, friendly to chypres, as well as to leafy green scents. Fern is the most perfumy of the five scents, and a great companion to Providence's Moss Gown fragrance.

Providence Perfume Company  bath and body products are available from as well as at Charna Ethier's providence boutique on 301 Wickenden Street, Providence RI (closed Sundays). Samples for consideration and review were sent to me free of charge.

Photo: Jane Russell in Son Of The Palface, 1952.

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