Monday, February 10, 2014

Jardins d’Ecrivains- George

Jardins d’Ecrivains is not the first brand that dedicated a perfume to George Sand. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier was first with their George Sand from their Les Parfums Historiques collection, a sophisticated rose patchouli fragrance that I never managed to befriend. But George, the 2012 debut perfume from Jardins d’Ecrivains is exactly the gender-bending beauty I had hoped for.

For the first couple of minutes, George pretends to be  fleshy but typical fragrance in the eau de cologne style: neroli, neroli, and more neroli that soon gains a more aromatic direction; herbal, even. There's still some crispness in the air when the darker and richer notes emerge and envelop you in a thick brown cape. The transition begins in the most unusual way: powdery heliotrope that is more floral than almondy for a change. The heliotrope is more evident when I get it on my clothes, especially of the woolly kind. The husband finds the combination of neroli and heliotrope too soapy for his taste, but for me it hits the spot perfectly: clean, yet interesting, full-bodied and satisfying. But it's the dry-down that truly captures my heart. The balsamic stage is still infused with neroli, when the honeyed tobacco becomes more dominant and creates a rich atmosphere.

George Sand was not a typical 19th century lady. From her attire (she sometimes preferred men's clothes for comfort and functionality), to her varied interests, her romantic entanglements, and her politics. She wasn't one to close her eyes and think of England France, and not only did she kiss, she also told about it in her memoirs and in semi-autobiographic novels. This intriguing woman is well-served by Jardins d’Ecrivains. George is free of cliches and sentimentalism. The perfume engages you with its aesthetics, and keeps you interested by offering depth, sensuality without vulgarity, and a very individual character. George is quite unique and does a great job balancing its beauty with a cerebral aspect (yes, this is a very smart perfume). It's also long lasting, has enough presence in one's personal space, and is truly a joy to wear.

Notes: neroli, bergamot, heliotrope, coffee, tobacco, white musk, Peru balsam, myrrh.

Jardins d’Ecrivains- George ($110, 100ml EDP) is available from Twisted Lily and BeautyHabit.

Art: George Sand by François Théodore Rochard.

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  1. So admire her. Love this scent and definitely think it matches her character - wore it when I was rereading her letters last summer. Need to get it out again.


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