Tuesday, February 11, 2014

YSL Gloss Volupte- Rose Fusion & Rouge Velours

I bought these two lip glosses as soon as I heard that YSL rebooted their Gloss Volupte range. I've always loved the elegant formula and YSL's way with color, but the brand new applicators looked very appealing, and I harbored a secret hope that the nice people at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty finally decided to get rid of the horrid mango scent. But bad news first: the mango is still there and it's as unpleasant as ever. Other than that, Gloss Volupte is a nice lip gloss.

The new applicator is comfortable and efficient: it covers the surface of the lips well, and allows for precision where you need it (especially important with intense colors). The gloss comes in two textures: Pure and Golden; the former is the smooth non-shimmery and the latter is rich in micro glitter. I chose one of each.

Rose Fusion (#3) is a peachy pink with gold particles. I probably should have chosen #102 (Rose Satin) or #15 (Grenade Pepite) instead, because the base color of Rose Fusion doesn't show up on my lips (I need darker colors and a lot more pigment). On my lips Gloss Volupte #3 becomes a nude color with an insane amount of gold glitter that shines from every angle. I would have hated it if it wasn't so pretty. So far I never dared to actually leave the house wearing Rose Fusion. I just wear it to amuse myself.

 Rouge Velours (#207. All the colors numbered 200-something are no-glitter) is a pink based red. It's smooth, very high shine, and just as easy to wear. There's enough pigment to give this gloss an almost lacquered effect, yet it's sheer, so we're not talking of a liquid lipstick here, just a high quality lip gloss. I'm now coveting both 205 and 207, and I would have ordered them weeks ago if I weren't still annoyed over the fragrance.

Bottom Line: still good, still not for everyone.

YSL Gloss Volupte ($32 each) is available at the counters, Sephora, and yslbeautyus.com.


  1. I purchased Gloss Volupté in Terriblement Fuchsia #49 and Grenade Pepite #15. They both have a fine gold shimmer; nothing extreme like the traditional golden glosses by YSL, but it is there. The color is rich and applies evenly for a gloss. I always prefer a bit of transparency when it comes to gloss and these two have just the right amount to offer vibrant color without looking dense or opaque. I smiled when I read your comment about the dreaded mango fragrance. Unfortunately, it is, indeed, still there :-P It's a nice gloss, though. It doesn't dry or irritate my lips and the colors are beautiful.

  2. These make me nauseous! Which is a crying shame because both my 204 and 206 are divine -- best glosses ever for plumping out my lip lines and actually give me lastingly soft lips the next day to boot.


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