Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Duos: X/Half Baked & Sin/Mushroom

Urban Decay is trying to make things a bit easier for us by packing four of their most popular eye shadow colors into duos. The packaging is the same as the single eye shadows, so you're getting half of each color, which makes a lot of sense for those of us with big makeup wardrobes, and helps to save storage space (and time when both colors you want are right there in the same pan). I hope more colors will follow (I vote for a Stary Dog and Vanilla combo, as I'm always rummaging for these singles).

The texture of the eye shadows in these duos hasn't changed: it's the same smooth stuff we know, and the finish is the familiar high shine, almost metallic with no visible particles. I find that these colors (especially the pink peach of X and rich gold of Half Baked) are much more suitable for evening. My favorite is the Sin/Mushroom duo since the colors are more flattering on me. Sin is a beige champagne color while Mushroom is a complex gray (almost warm enough to reach taupe territory). A touch of the sheen of these colors over a neutral matte adds drama and light. I do find that like with every other Urban Decay eye shadow, a primer is an essential for longevity.

Bottom Line: a lot of fun.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Duos: X/Half Baked & Sin/Mushroom ($18 each) are available from urbandecay.com. The products in this review were sent by the company for my consideration.


  1. How have I never understood the gorgeousness that is X! That is one pretty eyeshadow.

  2. Love these - my four favourite colours! The shimmer is just the right amount for me.

  3. Drooling over the Sin/Mushroom combo for myself. I will probably treat the college age daughter with the X/Half Baked combo.


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