Monday, February 03, 2014

Snow Day

Taken about two inches ago, and it still keeps falling.

Scent of the day: Black Cashmere (Donna Karan)
Hot item of the day: Fuzzy slippers.


  1. Also hot, foot warmers from Little Hotties, tucked into my fuzzy slippers.

  2. Last week, here in South Carolina, we had about a scant inch and everything closed down for a day and a half. We loved it though. Black Cashmere is one of maybe three of my very favorite perfumes. I guard what I have fervently, but use it on a cold day every now and then. PLEASE post more pictures so we Southerners can live vicariously through "The Non-Blonde."

  3. Stay safe and keep the heat turned up high. Black Cashmere is a great choice. Hope you also have a warm soup or other comfort food on hand. The snow really is beautiful, but, frankly, I'm satisfied with just seeing pictures of it - don't need the immediate reality of it.

  4. So beautiful but I'm tired of shoveling it. I'm ready to skip spring and go straight to summer! Fuzzy slippers are #1 in my book, my fragrance is just from my earl grey tea. :)


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