Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tory Burch Cat's Meow Lip & Cheek Tint

Tory Burch collaborated with Estee Lauder on a capsule collection of makeup: lipsticks, a bronzer/blush palette (which I'll show you next week), and a "universal" Lip & Cheek Tint in a warm pink color charmingly named Cat's Meow. I tend to be annoyed with anything labeled a universal color because I see it as a way for makeup creators to be lazy and dismissive of the extremely pale, women of color, and anyone who is somewhat different than what they perceive as their average customer. That said, Tory Burch Cat's Meow does have a relatively wide appeal. The warm pink color is human and pretty and could work for many.

If it were a better product, that is.

There are two issues with Tory Burch Cat's Meow Lip & Cheek Tint. Forst is the sheerness. The swatch above took a shockingly large amount of product layered with a synthetic cream blush brush (Paula Dorf). We've been spoiled with cream blushes that require a tiny dot of product and serious blending, and here's the exact opposite: a very sheer balmy gel with very little pigment that you need to pile on if you want a noticeable effect. For reference, I'm a paler and slightly more neutral version of NC30-35 in MAC terms (no exact match). Cat's Meow applied like I'd normally do didn't show up on me at all. So three layers it is.

The other problem is longevity. If you dream of a cheek tint that you can just swipe over naked skin for an effortless healthy look, this is not the one. In order for the color to stay put you will need  carefully applied base that will give Cat's Meow something to grab on to. You will also need to set it, and I highly recommend both a powder blush and a finishing powder. Even then, we're talking about 2-4 hours at best, and I've been testing this cream blush in the dead of winter. I have to say that it goes very well with NARS blush in New Attitude and creates a beautiful look. But the whole process takes too much time for my liking, especially when there all these brilliant Chanel cream blushes that are loaded with pigment and only require blending.

I don't bother with this Tory Burch tint on my lips. The color, even at full saturation is too light and warm for me, and with this level of pigmentation this is not going to happen. The very very pale will probably find Cat's Meow more suitable for their needs, both as a cheek and a lip color,  and if you struggle with the new generation of intense cream blushes this might actually be the answer. But for me this is a very frustrating product: gorgeous color, subpar performance.

Tory Burch Cat's Meow Lip & Cheek Tint ($38) is available from and select Nordstrom location (currently sold out online).


  1. Sometimes I wonder if all these successful fashion designers shouldn't stick to what they know rather than popping out new perfume and cosmetics lines that sometimes are not quite as well developed as they should be.

  2. first impression: thought it was a shade from one of those off-brand makeup kits they make for little girls. the ones that look like something in the pan but next to nothing on the skin. you saying it took a lot of product to get that level of color reinforces my first impression.


  3. Looks like a less successful version of the rms beauty lip/cheek tints, right down to the pot.


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