Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Original Skin Primer - Genesis

I'll start with the bottom line and tell you that right now Genesis, the original skin primer from Rouge Bunny Rouge is my favorite primer. Plain and simple. It gives me exactly what I want need from a face primer these days: an invisible yet otherworldly smooth barrier that not only re-texturizes the skin, but feels good, light, and soft on winter-weary face that has suffered more than a little abuse in the last few months.

Let's be clear: this Rouge Bunny Rouge primer is a silicone product that relies on various polymers to do the work. If you're sensitive to such ingredients this is not the right fit for you. For me, as far as silicone primers go, this is the best.  I am a fan of Guerlain Meteroites Perles, but Guerlain's primer is more wet and sticky, so there's a short wait time before you can apply a foundation over it, and the texture is thinner, which is sometimes preferred, but right now I need a better barrier, plush the smoothness of RBR is unparalleled.

Genesis is not luminizing. It's not quite matte, either. I couldn't take an adequate photo of the effect is has on skin, because it's more about texture and feel than about the way it appears. The result is incredibly smooth, which helps reduce the amount of base products I need to use even further (a good primer will always require less foundation). Longevity is perfect, and I find that makeup applied on top of this primer retains its color and finish for a full day.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Original Skin Primer - Genesis ($44) is available from BeautyHabit, rougebunnyrouge.com, and soon at Twisted Lily in Brooklyn.
The product is this review was a press sample sent by the company.


  1. Your review really is making me want to try this. I've not had much luck with primers since my skin is so dry. May I ask what is your favorite foundation to use with this primer?

  2. First of all, I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time now even though my wallet has been taking a hit ;P. I'm currently researching primers to see if there is any help for my mature/dehydrated skin which is starting to show a lot of fine lines on my cheeks. How does the RBR Genesis compare to Paula's Choice serums (which you had suggested as an alternative to Sunday Riley's Breathable Primer?) Any suggestions would be welcome!


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