Friday, February 14, 2014

NARS: The Matte Multiple

If I wish that all the snow disappears overnight (we're about 2' deep, more coming tomorrow) and it becomes sunny and warm, would François Nars personally come here and make it so? Because for the longest time I hoped for more (more more) NARS The Multiple colors, preferably without glitter or shimmer. And it's about to happen:

The Multiple in seven new shades and an intriguing matte texture. The nice people at NARS say that the new formula "can be applied dry for a soft yet vibrant matte effect or wet for a rich and vivid finish that melts into skin". I'm assuming we're talking about using a damp brush, which I don't think I've ever done with a blush. It'll be interesting to try. The new Multiples will be released in April at all the usual locations.

Out of the seven colors I'm most interested in Exumas, Laos, and Siam:

Here are the other four colors:

And one last bit of NARS fun facts: The makeup at the Marc Jacobs AW 2014  runway show this week was created (and executed) by François Nars and his team using, obviously, all NARS makeup, and NOT Marc Jacobs makeup. You're free to interpret this as you wish, but I find it quite telling, especially since Marc Jacobs (both the fashion and the makeup line are owned by LVMH, while NARS Cosmetics is part of Shiseido). Here's François Nars in action backstage:

All photos courtesy of NARS Cosmetics.


  1. I can not wait for these. For years, I've been hoping they'd offer these without all of the shimmer.

    And does Nars ever age????

  2. Wow! Fingers crossed that Altai is a reasonable dupe for dc'ed Tuomota-the best bronzer for my fair skin. I have been using my last one so sparingly...This is great news!

  3. I might actually buy a Multiple for a change!

  4. I really like these colors and will totally be going for a few of them. I haven't bought a NARS Multiple since Luxor, and I haven't even used that in quite some time. I switched over to ILIA and RMS for similar products. ILIA has a Multi-Stick shade called I Put a Spell On You that would look great on you, Gaia. RMS Lip 2 Cheek comes in scads of gorgeous colors- many non-shimmer, but it's a creamier, more moisturizing base in a pot as opposed to a stick.

  5. I will have to visit these at a counter when they launch - and will have to restrain myself from Exumas and Siam, because those colors are my biggest weakness.

    Maybe when you book Francois Nars to do the makeup for your show, you book the entire Francois Nars package, products and all?

  6. Wow these look very cool - I'll have to check them out!


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