Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make- Defining Mascara

Things I want from my mascara:
a) Definition
b) No mess
c) A reasonably natural non-Kardashian look

Over the years I've found that at least half of that comes from the brush. Of course, a good formula that stays put and doesn't make lashes stick together is just as important, but the wrong brush can seriously mess things up.  Make Defining Mascara is all that, and exactly what the company promised: Defining. It doesn't add an unnatural length, but it gives an overall effect of a full and dark fringe.

The main thing I've noticed about it is the way the brush separates the lashes, coats them individually, and doesn't cause gloopiness. The design of the brush and the tube doesn't allow for over-application because it picks just the right amount of product, and deposits in the right place. The this point gives access to the corners and finer lashes. I love thin brushes that are also dense enough to coat the lashes evenly because they save you the need to apply layers upon layers of mascara. I find that two coats of Make is enough, especially for daytime, and even when I experimented with piling it on the result was still sane and didn't look like a furry animal has taken residence on my lids after rolling in sticky tar.

Bottom Line: a very elegant mascara, just like the packaging.

Make- Defining Mascara ($25) is available at select Barneys locations,, and directly from the company's website,, where 33.3% of each purchase will directly benefit the WE SEE BEAUTY Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds women-led co-ops in the US.
The product for this review was sent free of charge by PR


  1. Hmm those are my criteria as well for mascara - I'll have to check this one out. Love the packaging too.

    1. Best packaging I've seen in a very long time.

  2. Was hoping you'd review her mascara. Saw it on the site and was wondering about it. No more wondering - am sold. I love the packaging of her makeup and I'm glad it sounds like it's really high quality as well, but, frankly, I'm also predisposed to be hopeful about her products and want to buy them since such a really significant amount goes towards that non-profit. Can't help but want someone who shows that sort of generosity to succeed in all their ventures.

    1. Exactly. I ordered a few items directly from her and planning on more.

  3. I'm so glad you are reviewing this line. I was curious about it when I saw it on Barney's website, but I don't live in close proximity to a Barneys, so I appreciate that you are sharing your thoughts on a smaller brand. In the same vein, have you tried Surratt? Some of their products looked quite nice.


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