Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Pandore, Open Me, Vie d'Enfer

The new Fluid Sticks are the latest addition to the Dior Addict line. Dior calls them "lip hybrid", something between a lipstick and a gloss, but considering the opacity and iron-like wear I'd say that the Fluid Sticks are liquid lipsticks, part of the new generation of lip products that we've seen with Shiseido Lacquer Rouge and Ellis Faas Hot Lips: lightweight, not sticky, yet high impact colors, with the added benefit of a formula that's kind to the lips and doesn't dry them.

I chose some of the more intense colors Dior offers: Pandore (754), Open Me (753), and Vie d'Enfer (869). Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book has swatches for light and nudish colors, which  look fabulous, but this is the red zone. As you can see, Pandore (754) and Open Me (753) are almost identical. Open Me is a touch brighter and almost touches the boundaries of my comfort zone being so close to neon. Pandore is a slightly toned down version of the same thing, so my suggestion would be that you skip one of them. Vie d'Enfer, the road to hell, is a different story. It's a blood red color, incredibly sexy, and the excellent Dior Addict Fluid Stick formula has made it one of my favorite lip products in recent weeks.

The lipsticks come with a triangular wide sponge applicator. I usually love these tools with glosses and thinner formulas, but I find that in this case, or perhaps with such intense colors, I need to use a lip brush to create an even coat with precise edges. It makes sense when you consider that these are bright red lipstick colors. The ingredient list includes fragrance, but I don't  smell a thing when applying the Fluid Sticks, and can't detect any flavor. As soon as the liquid sets on the lips, any stickiness disappears and the color doesn't move. The dark colors leave a deep stain even after the glossy finish wears off (3-4 hours), and you need to actually use a gentle makeup remover to take it off.

Bottom Line: brilliant.

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks ($35 each) are available at the counters and directly from


  1. Love Shiseido Lacquer Rouge; will try the Dior version, for sure. nozknoz

  2. Yes!! That's my instinctive, immediate response to these. And I've never seen a more appealing inducement to follow the road to hell.

  3. I wasn't planning on getting these but once they hit Sephora I zoned in on the display and Open Me was the color that immediately called to me. I get a bit of stinging from the plumping ingredients I guess, but it disappears in ten seconds or so. Love it.


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