Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Want: Tiger Eye Ring By Menno

Tiger eye is one of my most favorite stones and I'm completely taken with this very modern design that incorporates a tiger eye baguette and sterling silver ($215). This ring is by Dutch-born France-based artist Menno Van Hooff who fashions his jewelry by hand, often using tools he created himself. I like the modern sensibility of Menno's work, that ranges from playful (see the sterling silver and black rubber necklace below), to the organic and luxurious lines of the rose gold ring:


I found Menno while browsing Etsy-- here's the link (as always- completely unaffiliated, not compensated, and with no financial or other interest).

Photo credit: Menno Van Hooff.


  1. That ring is stunning! I've collected many tiger eye pieces and this one helps bring out its energy, love it!

  2. That tiger eye ring is quite unusual.


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