Monday, May 12, 2014

NARS Illuminator 413 BLKR

Liquid illuminators and highlighters are brilliant thing (no pun, honestly), because you can mix them with many cream and liquid products (not just for face: also eye and lip), wear them under or over the rest of your makeup, dot them, blend them... it's all good. NARS has several shades of liquid illuminators, some are more glittery than others. I prefer the subtle ones such as Copacabana, and the newest addition 413 BLKR, which is a slightly yellower version.

The amount of product I used in the swatch is twice as much as I'd typically mix with a tinted moisturizer, but I might be a minimalist when it comes to shiny faces. In any case, BLKR 413 can create an effect as subtle or as nightclub- worthy as you'd like it. The texture is NARS at its best, and I think you can see it's comparable to other top products such as Becca Moonstone (which is considerably more golden) and Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Clouds (much whiter, and what you see here is the last drops I managed to squeeze out of my old bottle, so the texture isn't as glorious as it used to be).

Bottom Line: worthy of the BLKR name.

NARS Illuminator 413 BLKR ($30) is available from NARS boutiques and The product for this review was sent by the company.

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