Thursday, May 01, 2014

Dior Sundeck 5 Couleurs Transatlantique Edition Eye Shadow Palette Summer 2014

Dior Summer 2014 Transatlantique Collection includes two eye shadow quints, Atlantique and Sundeck. Atlantique is all about gorgeous blue shades, but I decided to balance my collection a bit and go with Sundeck, which is all about sand and sunshine. The finish of the five colors vary between matte and shimmer, and the effect is, indeed, summery. The middle colors in both Transatlantique quads has the Dior hounds-tooth embossing for added elegance.

The colors in Dior Sundeck are matte cream (almost invisible. Piling it on for the photo ended up looking chalky, but in reality it's smooth and great for evening out the lid), a champagne shimmer (pretty standard), a very beautiful satin rich brown, a shimmery cappuccino, and the orange middle color that pulls more brown on my skin (and even more so on the lid) and has lovely satin finish.

The truth is that there's nothing very original about this composition, but just like the ancient Dior 5 Couleurs in Beige Massai (which is several years older than this blog), the overall effect is beautiful and the colors can be paired and applied in many combinations. Beige Massai was a legendary Dior Quint and none of the palettes released since it was discontinued was an adequate replacement until now. Sundeck is definitely a close sibling, but surprisingly the texture of the shadows in the new quint is not as silky as in the one from the early 2000s. The second lightest color in Sundeck is actually quite hard, though the finish is very smooth.

Bottom Line: Nice, I expected an upgrade from the old Beige Massai.

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  1. I'd read about Beige Massai but sadly never got around to get my hands on it before it was discontinued. I loved both Atlantique and Sundeck but hadn't realized how close Sundeck is to Beige Massai, thanks for reviewing and comparing!


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