Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sage Machado- Pearl, Moonstone (Oil)

I often think about Pearl and Moonstone (both by Sage Machado) together, even though they're quite different and are not among the duo blends Sage offers (those include Jade & Topaz, Onyx & Peridot, Amber & Carnelian, Sage & Citrine, and Garnet & Amethyst). I don't know if they're even supposed to go together, but occasionally I have worn them layered more than once and liked the way it felt, perhaps because they do share some common notes  Or maybe it's because both of these Sage Machado oils have a deceiving innocence about them, that ends up developing into a very sexy, somewhat vintagy skin scent.

Moonstone is a sweet yet dark(ish) gardenia. Now, this is not Une Voix Noire, despite the oriental leanings of the perfume oil, and the promised notes of tobacco and oakmoss are not as prominent as I would have liked, but there's depth there beyond the smooth and ambery base that supports the beautiful gardenia, and one drop of the oil is all that's needed for a summer night seduction.

Pearl is a sweet skin musk. If you like Musc Maori by Parfumerie Generale or Nude Musk by Ava Luxe, Pearl is most likely right up your alley. In this case, there's an added sandalwood creaminess and just enough vanilla to make it irresistible, but not as gourmand as Madini's Musk Pierre. Sometimes I think of Sage's Pearl as the ultimate girly musk, yet other times I find it more restrained and subtle, more skin and warmth than perfume, even though longevity is great (about 12 hours).

Moonstone- gardenia, paperwhites, amber, vanilla, musk, oakmoss, tobacco flower
Pearl- musk, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, green oakmoss.

Pearl and Moonstone perfume oils by Sage Machado ($45, 1/8 oz each) are available from Luckyscent and thesagelifestyle.com. Review is based on press samples sent for my consideration.

Photo: Teenagers at a Party in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Nina Leen, 1947 via Life Magazine.


  1. You had me at sweet yet dark(ish) gardenia AND sweet skin musk. I've been pondering both of these Sage scents for awhile...it's like you read my mind ;)

    Is this review for the oils or the edt? I've always wondered which would be the best way to go with this line....

    1. Jane, it's the oils which I much prefer because the way they warm on skin (and their longevity).

  2. Love both of these scents and can't believe I've never thought to layer them. Sounds like a brilliant combination.
    Still get sticker shock in the best possible way with her perfumes - beautiful scents that make me happy and prices that are equally soul soothing.
    As as aside, am not sure why, but am somewhat mesmerized by that meticulously sculpted wave in the hair of the boy seated on the left - makes me think of a Brylcreem version of the start of a carving on a Baroque frieze.

  3. onyx and peridot? i have become obsessed with onyx (via a luckyscent sample), but luckyscent doesn't carry peridot. so i went to see what the combo would entail, and oh my word! Lime, fig, and musk?!?! with the gorgeousness that is onyx?!?!?! is it worth buying blind? hmmm...


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