Sunday, May 18, 2014

Orto Parisi- Boccanera

Orto Parisi is the new perfume line from Alessandro Gualtieri, the creator of Nasomatto, now that he considers Nasomatto a complete project. Nasomatto and its bold hit-you-on-the-head approach have always been a bit controversial, with many people finding it too vulgar. Personally, I've always loved these perfumes, and the ones I've found boring or unappealing were the kinder and gentler fragrances: Nuda, Pardon, Hindu Grass. Give me Duro and Black Afgano any time.

If Orto Parisi's website is any indication, Gualtieri has no intention to become Jean-Claude Ellena any time soon. This is the image that welcomes you:

He had me at goat.

Boccanera is a weird one. A non-gourmand bitter chocolate thing with plenty of spice and a massive woody base. depending on the day and mood it smell like the creamiest sandalwood or like a peppery smoky camphoric cousin of Duro. It's never quite edible, and at times even smell dangerous. Who knows what they rolled into the delectable looking truffles. But this perfume is a chocolate wood, more than anything else, and I'm sure there's a Luca Turin quip somewhere in the making. But since for me the bottom line is that Boccanera smells so satisfying and warm on skin, and yes-- just animalic enough for that goat to make an occasional appearance, I'm totally sold (even if this perfume is practically shower-proof and I can smell it for days).

Notes: dark chocolate, ginger, black pepper and chili pepper.

Orto Parisi- Boccanera (138 euro, 50ml extrait de parfum) is available from select boutiques in Europe and from (It looks like they ship to the US). Hopefully they'll find a proper US distributor sooner rather than later. I bought my bottle at Profumo Emozioni Olfattive on Via Carlo Poerio 33, Naples. 


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