Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Want: Dusen Dusen Red Moire Tee Dress

NYC-based label Dusen Dusen has something for those days we really cannot be bothered. This 100% silk shirt-dress would slide itself over your head and onto your body if it could. It's that effortless. The clever print, subtle nautical vibe and ease of move really say "Summer!" (they don't scream it, just in case one is hungover). Made in the USA, like all Dusen Dusen clothes,  $288 on dusendusen.com, which is where the photo came from.


  1. Wow, brilliant dress! I love wearing light weight silks in the summer and this looks blissfully relaxed and beautiful.

  2. Oh yes, "if it could" indeed. So lovely and so to my taste (booties too!), but while relatively well priced, it's nonetheless out of my price range for a frock I'll seldom get a chance to wear. Oh for a job that doesn't require a tape roller as an accessory!


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