Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collection

The tagline for Zoya's Bubbly collection for summer 2014 is "Feel Good Color!", and it most certainly is. The collection is bright, metallic with holographic glitter in colors that would make anyone smile-- there's something reminiscent of childhood summers about it, but also fun adolescent glitter. The interesting thing is that the colors are actually quite sheer. The swatches on the wheel above are three coats of polish each, and you can see that even so it's not as intense as what you see in the bottle. Some might be disappointed, but personally I find that it makes them more wearable in a casual setting.

Zoya Bubbly Collection includes:
- Muse: Mermaid Blue
- Stassi: Jade Green
- Harper: Mexican Pink
- Binx: Purple Orchid
- Jesy: Coral Orange
- Alma: Golden Peach (the color is significantly more yellow than it appears in the bottle)

My absolute favorite is Jesy. I'm wearing it now as we speak and will be sporting two coats all weekend. As you can see, the color is very low key, so the high volume of glitter is not over the top. It's noticeable and makes me smile every time I look at my hands, but I know I won't look like a deranged middle aged disco diva while antiquing in New England.

Zoya Bubbly Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collection ($9 each, $54 for the full collection) is available from The products for this review were sent by the company.

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  1. The antiquing sounds wonderful. Hope you have fun.


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