Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jo Malone Body Creams: Grapefruit, Pomegranate Noir, Orange Blossom

A reader who prefers scented body creams to perfumes during the hot season has requested a review of Jo Malone body creams, and I couldn't have been happier to oblige. Jo Malone bath and body products are such an incredible treat from the elegant packaging to the highly satisfying scent. All Jo Malone body creams have a rich texture that supplies ample hydration to the skin. They're adequate in winter and more than that in the summer, and since they absorb reasonably fast you can get dressed within a minute or two and have a soft and supple skin for the rest of the day. The fragrances last on my skin for about half an hour (depending on the particular scent), so for me personally this is not an alternative to perfume.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom- I like the actual perfume and the body cream is close enough, but I find that it has a very light plastic-like aftertaste that bothers me, especially since the fragrance itself is so good and realistic.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir- This is the opposite case. I find the Pomegranate Noir perfume too suffocating, but the cream actually smells more naturally fruity and is softer. It makes a great bedtime scent, just naughty enough.

Jo Malone Grapefruit- This is my favorite of this bunch. I also wear the perfume, and find the cream to be almost identical with the same herbal vibe that supports the zesty grapefruit. Layering them together adds an hour or so of longevity.

Jo Malone Body Creams ($75, 5.9oz each) are available from select department stores and

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  1. I love Jo Malone body creams and I do find my preferences change depending on the season. The constant for me in the summer is White Jasmine and Mint after a bath in Lime, Basil, and Mandarine Bath Oil. I feel cool and breezy. Thanks for the review Gaia!

  2. Loving the grapefruit cologne and am definitely getting the body creme! Great review Gaia!


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