Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ask the Non-Blonde

Among the emails I got lately (personal replies have been sent, as always), there were several questions that might be of interest to others, for more reasons than one. Here goes:
  • Q: I can't find most perfumes you write about. Where do you get samples now that eBay is not allowing them?
    A: When it comes to niche perfume, most online stores sell samples. Both Aedes and Luckyscent let you order them online. Both stores are quite generous with free samples when you buy a full bottle. Also, if you can get to a L'Artisan store, you'll never leave empty handed (they have a limited selection of samples online). And, last, The Perfume Court has the most amazing selection of perfume: new, rare and vintage. You can buy samples, decants and in some cases also full bottles.

  • Q: I read your comment on Faking Good Breeding 's blog regarding beauty/fashion blog recommending expensive creams and shoes, and I don't buy it. Are you too snobby to write about stuff people can buy from WalMart?
    A: As I said in my comment to Meg, this is a personal blog. I write about what I know and I have a specific point of view. There's no Wal-Mart in my county, so I wouldn't know what's sold there.

  • Q: Can every woman wear red lipstick?
    A: There's probably a right shade of red for everyone. At least for special occasions. Despite what Mary-Kate Olsen might think, not everyone can pull it off when wearing grungy clothes and going on a Starbucks run.

  • Q: Why do you bother writing about people like Mary-Kate Olsen?
    A: Sadly, MK is a high-profile celeb whose style is being photographed and emulated by women around the world (including some who have no business even considering it). She wears and inspires fashion, I say what I think of her.

  • Q: What's your favorite perfume?
    A: While I love many fragrances and would always like to have a large and varied collection, if I'm pressed against the wall and can only have one scent, it would be L'Air du Desert Marocain from Tauer Perfumes. It's deeply satisfying for me.


  1. hi non-blonde, i made a comment in faking good breeding's post about bloggers recommending expensive products.

    my comment was against certain bloggers that do this, although i definitely support you and your blog. you have a distinct taste in perfume, style, etc. and it is clear who your audience is. i appreciate it that you don't belittle your readers by making statements about what we should consider affordable.

    i've found that although i'm probably not your target audience, i enjoy reading your opinions (especially about makeup) and don't feel like since i can't afford everything (pricier perfumes - though i wish i could) that i don't belong here. keep up the great blogging.

  2. Katie- Thank you very much for your support. I might have a target audience, but I hope everyone who comes across my blog feels equally welcome, no matter their budget.


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