Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The tube of Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel has been taking up space in my big box o'lotions for a while now. It's supposedly an after-sun product, but I've been extremely good about avoiding exposure and haven't even gotten my nose red, not to mention any other body part. Come to think of it, I'm quite proud of myself. The down side (other than the gallons of self-tanners I've been using) is that I didn't get a chance to try this gel for soothing UV-irritated skin.

However, irritation comes in all shapes and forms, and I managed to find a great use for this Korres. My post-workout skin has started to get a bit itchy and more sensitive than usual, and it doesn't completely go away after showering. I dug out the tube and started using it daily (body only) with impressive results. The itchiness is gone right away, my skin feels calm, moisturized and softer that it's been in a long time. The gel goes on a bit sticky but absorbs fast while my skin stays supple for hours. I'm impressed and intend to also give it a try on my winter skin.

This gel is unscented. It has a faint but distinct smell, which isn't unpleasant. It might be the yogurt or any of the extracts or seed oils used in it, because the product smells "natural" and maybe a bit musky. As long as it's on my legs and arms, it doesn't interfere with my perfume, but I'd be careful about mixing the two.

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