Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little fashion exercise: Find the Fug

The other day I was going through the latest bunch of email newsletters and promotionals. Some are deleted with no second thought, others get a second of my time and select few have me act like a good little consumer by clicking them and giving them my undivided attention and consideration.

That was how I found myself browsing the modern and contemporary collections on There are quite a few items I really liked, a couple are going to end up in my closet, but the most interesting thing is the way the little photos of these coats and dresses highlight the biggest fashion problem we have at the moment: Some cuts and shapes are bad for you. Unless, of course, you really want everyone to believe that your waist is bigger than your boobs. If that's the case, I see Stacy and Clinton in your future.

I'd go out on a limb and say the models are most likely tall and skinny. You wouldn't know it from looking at some of the pictures. Also, notice the model who wears these three dresses. It's the same woman, and despite the sack she's wearing on the left, she actually has a beautiful figure:
All I can say is: Don't try this at home. Please.

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  1. Oh my....that patent leather peacoat is the most horrible thing I've seen recently! She looks rather like a shrink-wrapped fetishist. There are certain designers who always make me wonder if they secretly hate women!


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