Friday, August 03, 2007


Is it wrong to constantly wear makeup from the fall collections in August (I actually started in July)? I can't help it. There are several great colors to play with. My early assessment regarding Smashbox' Decadence collection was right. The Indulgence eye shadow trio is fabulous. It has three neutral colors: a light beige sheen (light but still potent enough to make a difference on my skin), a shimmer taupe (probably the most versatile and useful color one can have) and a deep graphite shimmer (very pigmented and very high voltage).

The shadows are high quality, pretty, easy to apply and long lasting (even without primer). The two lighter colors go from day to night while the darkest one is evening-only, as far as I'm concerned. It's gorgeous, perfect for lining the lid and has a lot of oomph.

Since we're already on the subject of Smashbox, take a look at their Beauty Blowout sale. Scroll all the way down the page . The last two items, the Winter Whites red lipstick and the Wrap! On Set palette are both 50% off, beautiful and quite versatile. They are leftovers from previous collections, but very suitable for the coming season. Looks like a great bargain.

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