Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Berry Lips

My favorite part of the fall makeup collections are the many options and variations of lip color. There are several nude and beige looks for those of us who go for a bold eye, but my thing is a more natural eye makeup with a plum or berry lip.

Just as I planned, I got the Enhancing Lip Gloss in Vixen (from the limited edition Decadence collection), and it was love from the moment I tested at the store. Don't let the color swatch to scare you. It is a deep berry, but very sheer and unless your coloring is very delicate and ultra-pale (including hair, eyebrows and skin), it won't give you a punch-mouth look. I got one for my sister whose complexion is several tones lighter than mine.

The color is just one of the things I love about this gloss. It's shiny, very moisturizing and comfortable, not sticky at all and makes my lips feel soft. While not a real plumping product, the moisturizing action is enough to keep the lips from drying up and wilting. This makes the enhancement promise a true one.

It's not as long lasting as the new Chanel glossimer I reviewed recently, but I'm willing to forgive that. Reapplying is a breeze and the brush is just flexible enough to coat the lips smoothly without yielding too much and causing smears when used in a haste.

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