Friday, August 24, 2007


Nothing to do with beauty, fragrance or fashion, and only marginally so with celebrities. I just wanted to put it in public that I will never, ever watch a Jamie Foxx movie, nor will I endorse any project of which he'd be part.

The reason is here.


  1. Are you coming out as anti-cruelty on cosmetics?
    I don't want to take away from your statement at all, and I've never really given 'not tested on animals' more than a second thought, but I'm just curious.

  2. I'm absolutely disgusted by Vick and by Foxx's comments as well. I actually surprised that he would even make a comment like that since there are so many in the Hollywood community that are so supportive of animal rights....except for the ones who are always flaunting their furs.

    I try to buy cruelty free products whenever possible. I'm currently using Liz Earle, Eminence and Sue Posnick to name just a few lines that test on people, not animals. It can be difficult to avoid it altogether because some of the products companies use in their own products may have been tested elsewhere.

    But, the blatant cruelty involved in dog fighting is absolutely repulsive to me. I only wish that the laws could be changed so that domesticated animals weren't viewed as "property". I'd like to see much stiffer penalties. I'd actually like them to lock them up and throw away the key.

  3. Elizabeth- I've done a bit of research on the cruelty free cosmetics issue. While I would have loved nothing better than to be able to endorse it, reality is that even companies who are strictly against animal testing and would never do that, purchase ingredients that were more often than not tested on animals. It's very hard (and maybe impossible) to know beyond any doubt what's the history of every product and raw material.

    When making personal shopping choices I try to buy as much as I can from cruelty-free labels. Nancy has mentioned several good ones, and there's also Smashbox (who support PETA), Mario Badescu, Sue Devitt, St Ives and many others.

    Nancy- I agree with every word. Vick belongs in jail and should serve years in prison, as should anyone who tortures animals as a hobby. I don't want to think what's going on in that deranged brain of his, nor in Jamie Foxx's.

  4. Yet more areas in which we concur, my friend.

  5. Of course for me boycotting Jamie Foxx movies is almost as much a hardship as boycotting repeatedly hitting myself in the forehead with a ball-peen hammer...


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