Monday, August 20, 2007

D is for Discontinued (the nail polish edition)

My toes have mostly been painted in light neutral colors since early spring. I alternated between several Lippmans and my tried and true Sally Hansen in Pure Putty. These colors were clean, fun and left the stage free for the real stars, my shoes.

The shoes I was wearing on Saturday night, purple Celine sandals, looked like they could deal with a darker color. I found a bottle I picked about a couple of months ago in my local Target. It was another Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails in Stony Creme. I remember it was the only bottle of this left, which should have clued me in, but I liked the elegant taupe/mauve color and it came home with me.

On my toes it looked even better than in the bottle. There's a hint of cocoa powdered rose and it's pretty both in daylight and for evening. The next day, happy with my feet, I looked online both for research purpose and to stock up on a couple of more bottles, just in case. I was too late. Stony Creme is already a goner.

There are bottles floating around eBay, but seriously, I don't even buy more Tulip Noir over there. There's an endless stream of lovely new polishes from every brand. We can all find something else to work for us, but this color was cute enough to earn a post and a moment of silence among nail color lovers.

(Photo from, who no longer have it in stock)

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