Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something to Wear

Among all the booties and shboots filling the stores and providing us all with fond memories of Desperately Seeking Susan, here's a pair from Cole Haan that has been calling my name and fits perfectly with my sense of style. I live in skirts, dresses and jeans. Rarely (if ever) wear pants, so my perfect boots are tall, slim, high-heeled and full of character.

Last fall I embarked on a search for the perfect denim skirt. I found it at J. Crew. That skirt was a great purchase. I wear it year-round, dress it up and down, with boots or sandals, colors or neutrals, and it always looks good. This season they have a new skirt, in a beautiful grey-ish wash, which promptly joined my wardrobe.

A word of advice if you're a size zero: Call the store in advance, because most locations are already out of it. They'd gladly order it for you, but you can do that yourself. While I was at it, I stocked up on opaque tights (20% off when buying three pairs or more).

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