Friday, August 24, 2007

Cargo Mozambique Eye Shadow Palette

Here's something to tide us over while waiting for Bobbi Brown's Metallics: Cargo has several new eye palettes. What I like about them is the combinations of pretty neutrals with one or two high octane colors which, if used just right, can take your look into the realms of "wow!".

My method, which I use for all va-va-voom colors, is to use the boldest color just as an eye liner, adding a hint of brightness to an otherwise tame look. I draw a medium width line with a thin, stiff-bristled angled brush and blend it into the neutral color I use on the crease.

Out of this bunch, my favorite is Mozambique. Cargo are always making beautiful teal shadows. The tropical one here would blend beautifully with the more delicate quartz and sand.

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