Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Buying a cat in the (makeup) bag

Here's something that really annoyed me: Last night I got a Sephora Insider newsletter about a new exclusive Lorac palette. I love Lorac, and her Snake Charmer palette is one of my all-time favorites, so I clicked on the link, eager to learn more. When you click now you'll see it's already sold out, but the info is the same they had last night: Almost none.

There's a photo, but you can't enlarge it or see a close-up. The description simply says:

five eyeshadows, two bestselling blushes, lip polish, and a dual-ended
brush—this little box of beauty is your front row seat to shimmer-kissed, smoky
eyes, rosy glowing cheeks, and glossy red lips.

That's all. No details about the exact colors, no names of the shadows, gloss and blushes and no description. I have no problem buying makeup online and I do it just as often as I shop at Sephora or at my favorite counters, but I don't buy blindly. I want to know exactly what I'm paying for. Apparently, there are enough Sephora Insiders who don't feel this way. I hope they're happy with their purchase.

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  1. That palette combines two things I hate most - the extreme limited edition thing and next to no information about what you are getting. I don't buy blind and I loathe being rushed to make a purchase.


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