Monday, August 06, 2007

They tried to make me renew my subscription, I said no no no

Between Lindsay Lohan appearing on the cover of the September issue of Elle magazine and talking about her successful rehab and how she'd never drive drunk, and this news story about Amy Winehouse making the cover of Vogue at the personal request of Anna Wintour, I'm getting more and more cranky.

I'm not taking beauty and style tips from a 21 year old who tops every list of celebs most likely to die before they turn 30. Or from someone who seems to belong to the Kirsten Dunst school of personal grooming.


  1. Hear, hear! I skipped Harper's Bazaar because they had Paris and Nicole on the cover, and I'll be skipping this one, too. Enough already!

  2. i agree, elle is going to get sooo much flack for that lindsay story... talk about horrible (or awesome?) timing, though.

  3. Ah, but Ms Winehouse is precisely the right weight for a Vogue cover. Even among the ultra-skinny, there still must be some cheating at the angle. Not so with Ms Winehouse! She is thinnest of the thin: Does anyone remember the pencil legs of Kirsty Hume? Winehouse's are thinner!

    And that hair is straight-up Pearl Harbour and the Explosions circa 1980.

  4. 2012...Winehouse is long dead. Good call!


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