Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calvin Klein Euphoria (women)

A few years ago my mother and I were discussing some popular perfumes. I mentioned Calvin Klein Euphoria which was a fairly new release then (2005) and she commented that while Euphoria wasn't awful, it was "too much of this and not enough of that". I knew exactly what she was talking about, though I do think it has the potential of being godawful when over-applied (anything over two sprays is too overdoing it in this case).

The "too much of this" is easy enough to define- too much sugary synthetic red fruit with a Angelified patchouli edge. It gets very cloying very quickly and sucks all the air out of the room. The "not enough of that" part is more difficult to explain. Euphoria has some potential and on the odd winter day it can actually be perversely pleasant to wear, and more than a little sexy in a red velvet way. But it's not dark enough, and lacks some edge and mystery. Euphoria is supposed to have a mahogany wood note, but I can't say I get any. Some real wood with a masculine touch would have given the perfume a much-needed balance and save it from that poisonous synthetic territory.

It feels like someone at Calvin Klein perfumes (or rather at Coty Prestige that holds the license) was desperate to create a super sexy, irresistible tempting fragrance, or what people tend to interpret as such. The red fruity sweetness can make one want to bite into Euphoria and take it all in. But in reality, the poisoned apple can be hazardous to your health.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein  is available everywhere under the sun, from Sephora to every self-respecting online discounter. Prices are around $45 for a 1.7 oz of EDP. I always have a sample or two around, so I've been testing it for years, feeling both fascinated and utterly repulsed. There's no way I'd wear it in public, though.


  1. There's some common note or fixative in Calvin Klein fragrances that almost sets off a choke reflex in me. I get very headache-y around anyone wearing them, which was a bit of a nightmare in the 90s when a lot of girls seemed to bathe in Eternity.

    I know it's different strokes, but I can never understand why it's so popular as a perfume line.

  2. I use to wear nothing but Calvin Klein scents but that was back in the day. I think I stopped after Escape or maybe even Contradiction.Yes I will admit that I was one of those aforementioned girls in 1990 bathed in Eternity - sorry for you giving you migranes! hahahaha!

    I love the accompanying photo - is it from a Hans Christian Andersen book?

  3. lexi

    this looks like one of the Izawa "puppet" or "living story book" series from the 60s. I don't have this version, alas - I, too, love this image!


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