Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish Reverie Collection Spring 2010

Enough with the drama. Let's look at something pretty, like Reverie nail polish collection for spring 2010 from Zoya. All the colors have a metallic finish, some of them are bolder than others and all required 2-3 coats to achieve full coverage and color.

The star of Reverie is Adina, a gorgeous duochrome lavender. I love staring at the bottle in different lights (beauty bloggers are dorks, among other things), and apparently so does my cat, Thomas. Today I'm wearing Adina on my left hand (and other things on my right one. Beauty bloggers are also weird and it's too cold to leave the house, anyway) and while I love the color, I suspect it's not the best choice for my skin tone. It makes me look ashy and also dead. Adina would be stunning on those of you without a green undertone.

My biggest and most surprising favorite out of Reverie is Reece, a true rose bordering on fuchsia in a certain light. It's very feminine without looking over the top and is very flattering on me.I'm going to come back to Reece quite a bit in the coming months.

The entire collection is happy and light in feel. Laney is a pearly silver, which would make a  fabulous summer pedi, Happi is a delicate pink for a girls' slumber party, Lana and Gwin are all about sundresses and flower in one's hair. They don't look right on my hands, but I suspect would be perfect on lighter skin.

Zoya Reverie collection ($7 per bottle, $36 for the sampler set) is available from the company's website, and select nail salons. I received the set as a PR freebie.

All photos by me.

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