Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kanebo Sensai Lasting Treatment Rouge (LT 06 Matsu Kasane)

I'm starting to think that one can't go wrong with Kanebo Sensai products. At least the ones I've been sent to try so far. A lip color I wasn't even supposed to like has become one of my most used products, and now Lasting Treatment Rouge is teaching me a lesson about lipstick staying power and moisturizing. I must say it's setting the bar pretty high.

The literature about Lasting Treatment Rouge says the formula's secret is "gel-coated pigments" and they weren't kidding. It has a gel-like feeling the treatment effects are visible and can be felt within 10 minutes from application- my lips fill up and look smoother. They remain so for hours, while the pigment is rich and gives excellent coverage. The lipstick survives a drink but needs to be re-applied after dinner, though lips remain clearly stained- it's mostly the finish that is lost.

The color I have, LT 06 Matsu Kasane, is a reddish mauve-brown with a silvery sheen. The silvery flakes appear in other colors I saw swatched online, so if that bothers you it might not be the lipstick for you after all. I find that this finish balances out the LT 06 and makes the brown very wearable. I sometimes top it with a pink toned gloss to bring it down a little, but all in all, this color is about a shade and a half darker than natural color and is surprisingly flattering both for day and for night.

Bottom line: I see LT 04 and LT 05 in my future.

Sensai by Kanebo products including Lasting Treatment Rouge ($40) are available exclusively from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, in store and online.The company's website ( also provides personal consultation by request. I received this preview sample as a PR Freebie.
All photos by me.


  1. That's a gorgeous colour. The shape and finish of the lipstick reminds me a bit of Suqqu blend lipsticks. Japanese lipsticks can be expensive, but the textures are excellent, particularly on my dry and picky lips.

  2. OMG I totally love these too! I have LT16 (a tomato orange) and LT17 (medium pink) and they really are awesome. Here are my reviews and swatches:


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