Monday, January 18, 2010

Makeup For Ever Aqua Creamliner (Matte Black)

Here's a product that deserves a lot more hype than it gets: Makeup For Ever Aqua Creamliner. It's a cream eyeliner in a pot, comes in a range of beautiful wearable shades (I'm seriously coveting the Matte Green), and their black is actually an "almost black" that isn't too harsh but doesn't lack in pigment intensity.

I've been applying the Aqua Creamliner with a Studio Gear thin eyeliner brush from Ulta. The line is flawless, thin and very easy to control. It goes right where I want it and stays there, rain or shine (I've worn it in the pouring rain yesterday while walking around town. My hair was a mess, but my eyeliner was perfect). No smudging, bleeding, smearing or any unpleasantness, while it was still easy to remove with Bi-Facil.

The color I got, Matte Black, is exactly what I've been after for a while now. It's very rich and dark and certainly appears black, so it can look quite sultry if you draw a thicker line. But it's not harsh and doesn't look too heavily made up.

Bottom line: A new favorite.

Makeup For Ever Aqua Creamliner ($20) is a Sephora exclusive. I ordered it online.

All photos are mine.


  1. Wow, thanks for uncovering this one Gaia! I had no idea their liners were so good.

  2. The spa travellers suggested this eye liner for New Year's Eve. I have to confess that it went on finer than most pencils I have tried lately. I love it so far.

  3. Do you know where I can find the matte black cream liner? I have checked several times with Sephora and they don't have it.

  4. Wendy, as far as I know, Sephora is the only US retailer of MUFE. If they no longer have it's either discontinued or temporarily out of stock.


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