Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

Having amassed a serious stash of Too Faced's Shadow Insurance primer samples (Sephora seems to be giving them out left and right) has proven to be a good thing during the month or so of packing, moving, unpacking and reorganizing. I had a very small arsenal of fool proof, low maintenance makeup items in my smallest makeup bag and mostly lived on that for several weeks. The tiny Shadow Insurance tubes were very convenient throughout the process.

The eye makeup products I carried with me were some of the top performers: Le Metier de Beaute eyeliner and Nude eyeshadow, Edward Bess (Dusk) and Chanel (Le Bronze) single eye shadows. These are items that need very little help, so the Too Faced primer merely helped them stay on and look fresh from morning till night while running around and doing all the messy work that goes with moving house. Then life went back to normal, my makeup arsenal of unusual size neatly organized in a new storage system and I started testing new stuff as well as wearing all my other beloved colors.

That was when I realized that while Shadow Insurance has a similar texture and feel on the lid to Urban Decay Potion Primer,  it doesn't always deliver. Eye shadows with crumblier textures, some cream eye shadows and even some eye liners don't last quite as long as they do when applied over UDPP, and they often lose some of their sheen or vividness after 6 hours, which never happens with Urban Decay.

Bottom line: Not all primers are created equal.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer ($17) is available from Sephora, which is where I got all the samples.

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  1. I completely disagree! I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I wear it to an 8 hour day at the office and a trip to the gym after work and my shadow and liner still looks amazing. Maybe it has to do with the humidity in your area or possibly you wear eye cream that is hindering the effectiveness.

  2. Hello Too Faced marketing/PR person. You might want to read this.

  3. Gaia - thanks for this review. I actually purchased this a couple days ago because I had read rave reviews. I've used it for a couple days now and experienced itching on the eye like some reviewers experienced also. I agree that it does make the eye less oily, but it made my powder eyeshadows look rather dull. I thought maybe I just wasn't using it correctly and was going to give it a few more test runs. Thanks for your honest review. I guess I'm not the only one experiencing less than fabulous results with it.

  4. Now I no longer feel bad for not using this very often!! I'm a bigger fan of UD's Primer Potion anyway..


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