Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Chanel Spring 2010- Le Vernis Partculiere Nail Polish (#505)

Before I get to the main item today, several readers emailed and asked about the Kaska Beige eye quad from yesterday's post. Is it a cool or a warm toned palette?
Three of the eye shadows are definitely on the warmer side. The fourth, the darkest brown, looks quite cool-toned in the pan, but when applied it's a richer brown than a mauve-brown, so I guess it's almost neutral. The colors are understated, so I'd imagine they can look good on a wide range of skin tones. It's worth trying even if you usually have little success with brown and beige shadows, as it's unique enough and might fill the space in your color wardrobe.

The next gorgeous item in Chanel's Spring 2010 collection is the much-anticipated Le Vernis Particuliere. First shown a few months ago during Paris Fashion Week, Particuliere is another Peter Phillips creation, and while not as sensational as last season's Jade, it's beautiful in its own unique way, as long as you're into taupe and mushroom colors on your nails. Like Jade, it seems out of the season for which it was released- it definitely doesn't say "spring"- but let's face it: I bought it in mid-December and we're still in the height of winter, so I'll be getting a lot of use out of it, while Jade and Jade Rose are patiently waiting for spring.

Particuliere has a cream texture with no shimmer. I know some polish fantaics consider it boring when compared to all the interesting new formulas with various degrees of shine, but I love a classic cream. It's the most elegant finish and doesn't compete with my jewelry. The coverage is great and two coats give you the look of the bottle without taking ages to dry (my pet peeve with creams that require a third coat, stay wet forever and end up smudged because I often forget to use a fast drying solution before going on my merry klutzy way).

Chanel Le Vernis in Particuliere 505 ($23) and the rest of Les Impressions de Chanel Spring 2010 collection are available at Saks. I bought it at my local store.

All photos are mine.


  1. I'm a polish fanatic but have never tried Chanel...the price point always upset me :-)

    I do love a nice mushroom cream. How does this compare to OPI's Do You Know Jacques or Butter London's Yummy Mummy?

  2. ooh i like this... i've been alternating between opi's you don't know jacques and tickle my francey and this looks like a good middle ground! i still have troubles coughing out the $ for chanel polishes though...

  3. its great, but what are full ingredients of Chanel Nail polish?


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