Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ellis Faas- New At Bergdorf Goodman

Ellis Faas work as a makeup artist has graced the cover of top magazines and created the look and feel of many fashion and perfume ads (from Moschino to the Kate Winslet ads for Lancome). Her contract with L'Oreal has ended in 2007, paving the way to her own high-end niche makeup line which is coming to Bergdorf Goodmen (and Liberty London next month).

Ellis Faas makeup revolves around the concept of using colors that exist in the human body and are part of our natural look- the colors of skin, blood and freckles. Sounds interesting and at least the stock photos look gorgeous. The star of the collection is Ellis Red- a true red that comes in three different finishes- glazed, creamy and milky and promises not to be too orange or too blue. This is something I want to see and try.

I'm planning to be at Bergdorf some time next week. Looks like there's a new counter to visit. I promise a full report.

Image:, info: WWD


  1. There are a few pictures and reviews of Milky Eyes and Milky Lips on the New York City Pretty blog. The products look a bit streaky and I'm not crazy about the built in applicator. The promotional picture looks a thousand times better than the ones on NYCP. Oh well, to each his own.

  2. I bought the red one with the glazed finish. The colour is lovely (really lovely) and it can be easily built up.
    I'm not keen on the applicator either.

    P.S. Now I'm wearing a Chanel lipstick (Incognito shade, Spring collection) and it's all your fault! :p


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