Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nars Spring 2010 Makeup Look: La Chamade

I have yet to post about the eye shadows from Nars Holiday 2009 collection and Spring 2010 was already announced (launching on their website on January 15th). I guess that's what I'm doing tomorrow morning. Thankfully, the colors aren't limited edition and can easily be purchased in store and online.

I usually ignore press releases about upcoming makeup collection until I can actually dip my fingers into the products and see what the hype is about, but there was something about the new Nars spring collection that actually made me take a good look and already plan what I want to get. It might be Francois Nars' choice of Amber Valetta as the face of the collection or the inspiration he got from Catherine Deneuve in La Chamade. I can't resist a little French Retro, even when there's no chance I'm ever leaving the house wearing that much gold on my eyes or all this blush on my face (and Amber shouldn't, either).

There's also my perpetual pet peeve with Nars' featured looks. They only use a couple of items from the actual collection to create it plus several other products. As per the press release:
On the eyes, François applied the golden moss shade of the NARS Camargue
Duo Cream Eyeshadow over the entire upper lid, then blended outward. The
sienna shade was used to define the lower lash line with the NARS Push Eyeliner
Brush. He then layered the sienna side onto the lid and brow bone, and swept
the hue into the lash line. For additional brightness, NARS Albatross Highlighting
Blush was dusted onto the eye, and NARS Nabucco Eyeliner Stylo was swept
on to line the top lashes. NARS Blondie Single Eyeshadow was used to create
an impactful brow. Lastly, two coats of NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening
Mascara were applied to the top and bottom lashes.

In any case, I'll be skipping the Camargue duo in favor of the second one, Kuala Lumpur (it's the top one in the stock photo), unless they are much different in person. As far as lip color goes, I've learned my lesson and will pass on the lipstick- Nars formula is way too dry for me, so I'll stick with my Edward Bess lipsticks for a natural look and top them with the strawberry red Ophelia lip gloss from this collection.

The sky blue glitter pencil? I'm pretty sure I'm not the target consumer for that one. And as for Catherine Deneuve as the inspiration, here's the real thing:

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