Friday, March 04, 2011

Alexander McQueen Butterfly Shoes

These are Alexander McQueen Butterfly shoes for spring/summer 2011. They were designed by McQueen's successor as the label's creative director, Sarah Burton, and are priced at £2,300 per pair. I wish they made prints of these shoes so I could buy them to decorate my dressing room.



  1. oh my god I LOVE these shoes!!! Yet another beautiful, covetable pair I cannot afford. :(

  2. Ah. Glad to see she is carrying on McQueen's gorgeous romanticism. I don't want to wear them. But I would love to see them walk by me on the right woman...

  3. I have to say it - those shoes are total works of art! Wow. I'd wear them just for bragging rights! ;) And I think Sara Burton is doing an incredible job with McQueen's legacy.


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